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Thursday, June 2

Burglary Victim Remotely Controls His Stolen Laptop To Photograph Thief

A designer who had his laptop stolen helped police by using a spy camera programme to take pictures and catch the thief red-handed.
Joshua Kaufman thought he had lost his Apple MacBook when a thief broke into his apartment and stole the computer in March.
And with police giving his burglary report a low priority, he was resigned to never recovering the expensive laptop until he remembered the software he had installed on his MacBook.
A few days after activating the program he started receiving pictures revealing of the hapless thief in action.
Mr Kaufman said: 'The following Thursday I started getting images and location information.
'I was amazed. I was, like, this thing actually works!'

Source: Dailymail

Images of the thief captured by Hidden - the software. (source : Dailymail)

That's pretty impressive. I've watched once on CSI:Miami when Calleigh used a software to remotely used spycam in the victim's laptop to find out the whereabout of the criminal. I don't know how they did it. Well, now I do. The software, Hidden can be downloaded from this site. Sadly, it's not free and there's no option to become an affiliate T_____T Oh well, you can't win them all. Apparently the owner, Joshua even made a blog called 'This Guy Has My MacBook' regarding this matter and received lots of follower. Wow, the thief had became an Internet star without even knowing it.


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