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Thursday, May 26

The Treehotel - A Lodging on Above

If want something different that ordinary hotel, you may try Treehotel. There are seven types of rooms (by the time this post posted) to try. Each one is pretty much unique.

The Tree Sauna

A sauna in a tree is natural and obvious. Already the ancient Greek philosopher Plato saw the relationship between trees and a steamy bath. That's why he postponed his teachings to a garden next to the popular ångbadhuset "Akademeia" which gave rise to the name academy.

Won't it be a bit hot in there?


A spacious environment in which a family with two children can comfortably spread out. The walls are clad in wood paneling and windows disappear, almost, in the exterior network of Träkvista. With 17 m 2 , separate bedrooms, bathroom, and lounge, this is a haven among the trees worthy of even a phoenix.

The Blue Cone

The room, Blue Cone, is a traditional wooden structure with three foundations in the ground, to give a sense of height and stability simultaneously. The Access is across a bridge from the nearby mountain behind. Which makes the room well suited also for disabled.

What's with the red paint? I thought it supposed to be blue?

The Cabin

The cabin is like a capsule, a foreign object in the trees.

The Mirror Cube

"Mirror Cube" to meet a growing interest in adventure and ecotourism. The room, 4x4x4 feet, is a hiding place among the trees, camouflaged by the mirrored walls that reflect their surroundings.

If this one was on the ground, someone might walk straight at it.


The UFO is simply everything you need for a comfortable haven for childhood dream.

A Room With A View

"A Room with a View" is planned in early spring 2012th.

DISCLAIMERS : Quotes and images are from Treehotel. I don't work at the hotel or even been to Sweden before (yet), so there's no connection between them and I. No way.