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Monday, May 30

Prinzcy Quote #4

When you're being kind, you're being taken for granted. Should I be a mean girl then?

- prinzcy


~mEm0RiEs~ said...

Somehow, I do agree with your sentence.. when you treat people nice, they tends to take things for granted... But if because them, you choose to be mean.. it is not worth it.. You don't like them to takes thing for granted.. also you don't like them to be mean.. if one day when you choose to takes things for granted and become mean, people to dislike you.. and would you dislike yourself? hmm.. all we can do is just ignore them.. I do believe that majority of your friends are nice people... don't change yourself because of the minority.. ^.^

Prinzcy Syida said...

i dunno, those minority seems like populating to majority these days. oh well, as much as i love to ignore, i just can't stand them sometimes. thanks for your point though.