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Monday, May 9

Princess Diana's Wedding Dress

source : Dailymail

Princess Diana's bridal gown continues to draw crowds of people with hundreds of thousands of people visiting it since she got married 30 years ago.
The famous dress with its 25ft train is currently sitting in a glass box 4,000 miles away in Toronto as it tours the world. So far more than a million people have visited the exhibition raising an estimated £1m for charity.

source : Dailymail

Wow, the 25ft train~~~ (source: Dailymail)

source : Dailymail

It was a moment for national celebration and the event was simply referred to as the Royal Wedding. People lined the streets of the capital to witness the occasion and parties were held all over the country.

The Princess was then 20 years old and she later described the day as one of the happiest of her life. It is estimated that over 1 billion people worldwide watched the wedding on television.

From this moment the Princess became an international figure, photographed and documented wherever she went.

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