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Tuesday, May 3

Movie : Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa

Since this movie received awesome reviews, I certainly wanted to watch it. Which I did. Legally :p Told you Astro First is addicting.


Merong Mahawangsa (Stephen Rahman-Hughes) was chosen (more like was forced) to escort Prince of Rome (Gavin Stenhouse) to Langkasuka (they called it Golden something back then) to marry the beautiful Princess of China (Jing Lu) from the Han Dynasty. The princess was later kidnapped by Geruda and the prince was stabbed. Merong himself was injured. He was found by Pak Kesum (Dato' Rahim Razali) and brought back to be treated. There he was told of a phropecy involving him and the story of the island.

Author's comment.

It was an awesome movie but too short though. The Princess of China was quite funny. She wanted to escape and raise ducks??? One thing for sure, this was no giant bird in the movie!!! I though the myth involved giant birds attacking Langkasuka. Also in the myth it's indicated that Merong was actually a hindu. But at the beginning of the movie, we saw Merong was fighting in India but he then said he was from Langkasuka. His mother was also a daughter of a village chief. And in some myth indicated that Merong actually returned after his heir became king, the ending in the movie was different. And one thing that really irked me was the rhymes that he kept chanted in the movie. I know it's important but to hear it again and again....


syuhada said...

from what i understand (from the movie) merong was an atheist. so did ppl at 'kedah'. tp yg bercerita awal2 tu (raja yang dr keturunan dia tu) dah Islam la kan... raised ducks pun boleh kaya wor... hahaha

Prinzcy Syida said...

more like she wanted to plant braised ducks' tree. seriously. dia cuma nk lari and belajar hidup macam org biasa. tp dia x tau itik panggang tak datang dari pokok.

syuhada said...

she was one clueless princess... hehe