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Sunday, May 1

A Movie Called Cun

Mak decided to subscribe to Astro First to watch a movie called Cun. Actually she wanted to both both Cun and Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa. But you know how Astro First only show movies for a couple of days only after you subscribe. So we decided that it should be one movie at a time. Even I watched the movie (that's what happen if you paid RM15 for a single movie - can't take it for granted~~~)


A popular host, Luna Latisha (Maya Karin) decided to escape and run to Kampung Mata Ayer, Kedah after she caught her boyfriend, Ryan Hidayat (Jehan Miskin) with another woman. There she met Atan (Remy Ishak). They fell in love but then Ryan came with tv crews to take her back. Then things start to get complicated a bit.

Author's comment

They said it's Kedah but it's looked like Perlis to me. At least I only know Mata Ayer in Langkawi. Don't tell me she (Luna) drove across the sea to get to Langkawi. Stop thinking about it ~.~ Plus, my Geography sux~~~ Besides, there's a Kampung Mata Ayer at Pokok Sena. She probably got there with Kuntom (her PA, acted by Faezah Elai) The scenery looked match a bit.

The plot was nice. And most main characters like Remy and Faezah can speak the northern dialect well. The ending was a bit annoying though. Atan failed to see Luna as a victim as well as he was and kept blaming her, again and again. Also, using a lorry to get to KL seems awesome. It was like a caravan. They even had a picnic at the back. Overall it was a pretty nice movie.

Okay, Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa up next.


syuhada said...

baru tau langkawi pun ada Mata Ayer..