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Tuesday, May 31

Midwife Delivers Baby, Moves In With Dad

A midwife in Wales, UK, delivered a baby - then helped herself to the new mum's husband.

Rebecca Lewis began an affair with new dad Ian Malin after they became Facebook friends just two days following the birth.

Then, when baby Jacob was five months old, Ian quit the family home and moved in with his lover.

Heartbroken Sarah discovered the truth - on Mother's Day.

Now medic Rebecca, 36, is understood to be facing an investigation by the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

And Sarah, 33, confided to a friend: "How could anyone help deliver another woman's baby, then go off with her husband?"

"Of all the women Ian could have had an affair with, this has to be the sickest choice.



I so agree, that is the sickest choice. But it's not only the woman to blame, her husband was the same as well.