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Monday, May 23

kuro's Plate Number Almost Snapped

Kuro's back plate was hanging. Looked like it's gonna fall but probably still attached with one screw or so. So I made a hasty visit to a workshop yesterday. The workshop was big and one of the best in town so I guess they could do something about it.

I didn't realized it's nearly their closing hour. Actually they already closed. So they should just tell me about it. But one of the mechanic brought out a huge screw driver and tried to pull out the plate using it. It didn't even work at all! But he didn't stop! And the next I know, prakk!!!

Yeah, that annoying sound. A small crack on the plate number. Nice. even though it's small I still knew it's there.

Before I even complained he nagged me first. He stated that they already closed the workshop. It would take a lot of time to fix the plate number as they need to do a lot of work before fixing it. They need to order the plate from another workshop in case it broke and that workshop already close the shop. Can you just tell me that from the beginning?!!!

I crossed my fingers and told him I'll come back tomorrow.

Since he's an as* and the workshop is no longer reputable in my eyes, you can expect me to go there again. I better head to Perodua. At least, if they broke it, they don't blame me.



syuhada said...

kan senang cakap awal2 dah tutup instead of pergi patahkan plat keta org. kalau ganti balik tanpa caj x pa la jgk...

Prinzcy Syida said...

tu la pasal. ntah apa2.