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Wednesday, May 18

Is the Rocky Alien Planet Gliese 581d Really Habitable?

A rocky alien planet called Gliese 581d may be the first known world beyond Earth capable of supporting life as we know it, a new study suggests.
Astronomers performing a new atmospheric-modeling study have found that the planet likely lies in the "habitable zone" of its host star — that just-right range of distances that allow liquid water to exist. The alien world could be Earth-like in key ways, harboring oceans, clouds and rainfall, according to the research.
This conclusion is consistent with several other recent modeling studies. But it does not definitively establish that life-sustaining water flows across the planet's surface.
The new study assumes that Gliese 581d, which is about seven times as massive as Earth, has a thick, carbon-dioxide-based atmosphere. That's very possible on a planet so large, researchers said, but it's not a given.

[Video: Life-Sustaining "Super Earth" Gliese 581d]

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So we could live in space in the future? That planet is hard to pronounce and even remember. I don't know whether there really are aliens out there. Plus if there is I don't think they look like ET though.

An artist's impression of Gliese 581 d and speculative moons (source : Wikipedia)