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Wednesday, May 11

Asid Splasher Update : Be On Alert For Suspicious Motorcyclists

source : TheStar

Police have advised the public to be extra vigilant against splashers using corrosive liquid who have been targeting innocent pedestrians around Kuala Lumpur for over a month.

City police deputy chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Amar Singh said the public should watch over each other and keep a lookout for motorcyclists behaving suspiciously.

“Currently, we believe the suspects are of dark complexion and riding either a Honda EX-5 or a Yamaha motorcycle."

source : TheStar

I am paranoid so all motorcyclists look suspicious to me then. Plus, people probably won't realized whether that Honda EX-5 or Yamaha is the one they're looking for as most Honda EX-5 and Yamaha are the same.