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Tuesday, April 19

World’s Most Expensive Apartment Sold To Mystery Buyer For $221 Million

On Friday, a mystery buyer snapped up a three-floor penthouse at sought-after London address One Hyde Park for £136m ($221 million), making it the most expensive apartment sale on record. The owner concealed his or her identity by using an offshore company to make the purchase, although he or she is widely believed to be from Ukraine, home to eight billionaires on the Forbes list. The Financial Times reports that a Ukrainian law firm oversaw the transaction. The buyer may remain a mystery as the deal includes a confidentiality clause, says the FT.

source : Forbes

The word 'mystery buyer' is enough to spark curiosity. What kind of house cost that much? What's inside anyway?

The apartment comes equipped with a wine cellar, and thanks to a partnership with the Mandarin Oriental next door, residents are treated as hotel guests and can order room service. Windows are bullet-proof, and security comes courtesy of former British Special Forces officers.


Nice one.

It's hard to find images inside, though I found a few in Yahoo

source : Yahoo

Don't ask me about the bottom right blackness image as it was also ask in Yahoo about it.