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Monday, April 25

What's This?

A day in my Science tuition class.

Today's lesson is about The Magic of Batteries. Lesson included on how to insert batteries correctly, which devices needed batteries and so on. Then, an eight years old suddenly asked me.

"Teacher, what's this?"

an image like (source : wikipedia)

"It's a walkman."

Then she looked at me like I just told her something from other planet. So did the rest of the class.

I realized by then that kids these days don't use walkman anymore, that's why they never know. If I told them an iPod or at least MP3, they probably would still recognized it.

Talk about generations' gap huh? How many kids these days still know things that we used in their aged?


syuhada said...

and i thought walkman was not yet an old technology ~~~ i wonder if they know what is diskette and cassette... :P

Prinzcy Syida said...

the walkman that they know probably the one attached/installed in a phone, not the one in the picture.