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Sunday, April 17

Stop, You Are On Candid Camera

Shot from a car th at was behind the victim's car, the 23-second video clip captured the street crime as it unfolded in Section 16, Petaling Jaya. The footage shows two men on a motorcycle approaching the car at a traffic light junction . Within seconds, the pillion rider had sm ashed the passenger window, grabbed the driver's bag and sped off.

The video recorded 89,000 hits a week after it went online. As of yesterday, over 335,000 people have viewed it. Even the owner of the footage, security consultant Benjamin Seow, is amazed at how his video has caught on.

...source : TheStar

You mean this video?

I didn't really see the plate number but hopefully the authorities did. The video reached 338,381 views when I watched it. Many left their comments, bad or good but this comment kind of something, don't you think?

malaysia~~ truly asia~~~ truly a thieves asia~~~

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