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Monday, April 18

Morning Rush

So Phzer gave birth to a baby girl today around 7 to 8 am (not sure the exact time as the nurses didn't tell me)

Actually she woke up me up around two last night, but for a very different reason. Apparently the pipe in the bathroom broke down. I fixed it and went back to bed. Then the pipe broke down again. Annoyed, I turned off the main pipe.

Then around 6.00 am, mak woke me up to ask me to take Phzet to the hospital. I seriously thought it was for checkup so I went back to bed after I told her I'll go later. Then mak knocked on my door again, said she really need to be taken now and the water already broke. Okay. I was sleepy so I took time to digest the whole thing.

Still I grabbed the keys and drove her to the hospital. We even have time to joke about things on the way there, seriously. She told me she felt the sign around 4 am but decided to wait for a couple hours more.

After sending her to the labor room, I was told to register her at the counter. The attendant there told me to write my name and phone number. Still not completely losing my sleepiness, I wrote down my name and ic number. It's a good thing he asked again.

Then around thirty minutes or so, a nurse asked for the baby's clothes. I think the baby had born around this time but no one told me so I waited at the waiting area. It kind of weird to wait there, alone and being a girl considering it's usually a mother or husband wait at the waiting area. So I noticed some people kept glancing my way >.>

Then around 9.00 am, mak arrived and I had a chance to see my niece. I got a picture of her (two actually) but maybe Phzet want to do the honour of posting it first.

So congrats for the baby girl. If there's no problem, I probably would pick both of them home this evening.


Kancilbiru said...

pizet dah bersalin?? wah sepasang sudah dia...seronoknya..

syuhada said...