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Sunday, April 10

I Am Going To War!!!

Still remember my accident case last year?

After a year, the lawyer from the old man send me a letter to summon me to court to claim money from me. Read my line properly, a year! A year!

What the hell did they waited a year to claim?

Apparently they do love to wait a year, like this case.

Claims included:

1 - Document expenses : RM1000.00
2 - Travel expenses : RM500.00
3 - Motorcycle repair expenses : UNCERTAIN (how can this one became uncertain? your bike wasn't fixed yet???)
4 - Medical expenses : UNCERTAIN
5 - Future medical/ operation expenses : UNCERTAIN (???)

Since the summon arrived on Friday, I could only visit insurance company on Monday. The hearing would be on 16th of May 2011.

the summon~~~


syuhada said...

somewhat similar case, u and the forumer. i like one of the response 'sesetgh org mmg tak patut di tolong....' so true!! chayok syida..