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Monday, April 11

And Then What?

Continuation to my accident case,

I went to MBB to submit the summon since I renewed Kuro's insurance there. There I met this Miss S at the counter. Those dialogs were modified a bit but still followed the real situation. I can't really type the exact words, can't I?

At the counter, she read the summon, then she asked me, "So what do you want us to do with this?"

I was dumbstruck but managed to answer, "Since I renewed my insurance here, I want to submit this for the insurance part to response."

She still looked clueless, "Yes, so what do you want to do?"

Now I was clueless. What's wrong with that woman? Then I said, "To be honest, I don't know what to do. I got this summon and I need to response to this lawyer about this. I renewed insurance through MBB so I want to know who should I contact and what to do."

"Did you meet a lawyer?" she asked.

"No, I wanted to see the insurance company first and ask for an advice regarding this." now I was getting irritated.

"Normally people who meet an accident came here to request for road tax copy and such, so that's why I am asking what you want to do?" she asked me again.

"Okay, if I ask for those things, what should I do after that?" I still tried to be reasonable.

"I don't know, people don't normally send this. This is not for our department"

This Miss S was getting on my nerve again.

"So who should I ask about this?" I asked again.

She read the summon and showed me the name of the lawyer, "Maybe you can try to call the lawyer and ask what they want?"


I snapped by this point."So you want me to contact the lawyer who managed this case for the person who want to sue me to ask what they want?"

It's like shoving your head into a very hungry lion's mouth.

She gave it a thought and went to ask her superior. Then she took a copy of the summon and tell me, "We'll help you fax this to the insurance company for their action. You should know that most cases involving a car and a motorcycle will mostly win by the motorcycle."

"It's fine," I said "So what should I do next? Must I still respond to the lawyer?"

"If you want, you can fax this yourself," she offered.

"No, you can fax them, but I want to know who should I contact to ask about this?"

She gave me her superior's numbers and the hotline numbers for the insurance company.

"So who should I talk to there? I still need to know the development of this case"

"Just call and ask for a person in charge, the hotline is free."

"Should I still respond to the lawyer?" I asked her, pointing to the summon.

"You should know that this is not your lawyer, it's their lawyer," she tried to convince me again.

"I know that, I just need to know whether I still need to respond to the lawyer or the insurance company will respond."

"That's why I offer you to fax this," she showed the summon.

"No, I just want to know whether I still need to reply to the lawyer or not. What if the insurance company did respond and I still fax the respond. Won't that be redundant?"

Oh yeah, you could hear my voice in the bank if you where there at that time.

She then told me to speak to her superior. The superior took the copy, photocopy again and return the first copy to me. She took my number and told me that she would fax them once the line wasn't busy. She also said the lawyer from the insurance company would handle this and I would probably not need to attend the court.




How hard to tell me that?

I don't need excuses, we could give millions for a simple reason. I just need to hear the solution.


syuhada said...

the way she asked u back, the lady actually didn't know what she supposed to do nor advise u regarding the matter. am i correct?

Prinzcy Syida said...

it's more like she had no idea why i must submitted the summon there but didn't go to a lawyer office.