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Monday, March 21

Ultimate Loyalty: Japanese Dog Refuses to Leave Injured Friend Behind

This loyal spaniel saved the life of his injured friend who was barely moving by sticking by his side following the tsunami - and leading a group of rescuers to him.
In heartwarming footage, the brown and white dog leads reporters to the injured mud-splattered animal who is lying flat out among the wreckage.
The dog had seemingly stuck by the side of the wounded animal in Arahama, Sendai, for days following the earthquake and tsunami.

....full news, Dailymail


To be honest with you, this story make my eyes watery. It reminded me of Hachiko.

Image of Hachiko from Wikipedia

I don't really understand the first footage, so I seek for the one that already subbed.

Really touching story. If an animal can be that loyal, can we human learn from it?