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Tuesday, March 22

Teletubbies on Mars : Bizarre Space Suits Tested Out By Nasa

A Nasa team has been testing the latest in spacesuit design in conditions akin to those found on Mars - at an Argentine base in Antarctica ahead of a possible visit to the Red Planet.

The NDX1, designed by aerospace engineer Padlo de Leon, endured extreme cold temperatures and winds of nearly 50mph as researchers practised techniques they may use on Mars.
These included simulated spacewalks, operating drills and collecting soil samples while wearing the equipment.
The $100,000 prototype suit, created using Nasa funds, is made out of more than 350 materials, including tough honeycomb Kevlar and carbon fibres to reduce its weight without losing resistance.

Full news: Dailymail


Well what do you know? I guess the suit was out of ordinary plain white spacesuit that we used to see. Why not right? But the next time someone spot something on Mars, make sure it were an astronaught from Earth first, not teletubbies or aliens.


syuhada said...

hehee~ mmg nampak mcm teletubies. tp teletubies xde kaler biru..

Prinzcy Syida said...

ada tp purple skit