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Monday, March 14

Stop Disturbing Me!!!

Lately, I've been receiving a call for unknown number. It's weird since it's whether a miscalled since I didn't pick up, or I did pick up but the caller hung up or the caller never pick up when I called back. Right now I am waiting for a call from a courier and I don't know their number. I really thought it was them. Then it hit me to make a search on the net and apparently I wasn't the only one receiving that call.

Case #1
Case #2

Okay 2 cases were more than enough.

If you're wondering what the numbers are, here they are for your reference


Just in case whoever that was called you too, just ignore them. And to that caller, just stop calling me if you refused to speak. You're practically annoying!


Someone did called and I picked up. Like they said in the forum, it was from a PPP (was it?) company that collaborated with Bonuslink. She (the caller) wanted to offer me protection for theft and something like that, credited via my credit or debit card. So Bonuslink was passing my information around now?


syuhada said...

fuu... orang jahat la tu.. (jahat tak andaian aku?)

Prinzcy Syida said...

jahat jahat jahat~~~