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Sunday, March 6

The Multiple Version of Itazura Na Kiss

source tenmanga

I'd watched this story years ago, thanks to Zaila's introduction to it. To be honest, I love it (even whenever I watched it, I had the urged to bitch-slap Kotoko for being too dumb!) But the one that watched was the drama version of the manga.

That's the drama version, featuring Sato Aiko as Kotoko & Kashiwabara Takashi as Irie. He was so handsome! Gatalnya aku!

Then, a couple of years later, I found a Taiwanese drama based on the story but using another title. They called it, It Started With a Kiss. They even made sequels for the drama.

source : Wikipedia

I never watched it though. But I don't think they would altered the storyline beyond the original. It probably the same in some parts.

Then, again, I heard of the anime.

This Irie Naoki looked more handsome than the original!

And the latest version that I heard from this story was the Naughty Kiss.

source :

I haven't watched this yet. But I think mak would love this. Anything to do with Itazura Na kiss + Korean drama would be awesome to her. More importantly, to those who laughed at me because I watched anime, take a look into mirror and think back, where that drama came from? Anime and drama aren't so much different to begin with. You just deny it because you're in denial dog products


syuhada said...

up to now, itazurana kiss is my most favorite one. dan kashiwabara takashi still paling hensem. ok, kita sama2 gatal la kot.... :P

aku pernah tertengok sikit It start with a kiss... er, mcm x best. or was it too early i made the judgement?

naughty kiss aku tertengok last week kat 8tv and i like it! all of sudden terus suka macam tiba2 aku sangat2 suka You're beautiful (initially because Hwang tae-keung). kalau ang tengok last week, perasan tak macam nak sama dgn Goong?

penyakit addicted cerita korea kembali.. huhu zaila kata dia download naugthy kiss. nak copy~ huhu

Prinzcy Syida said...

nk jgk~~~ *pandangan mata berkaca- kaca*

syuhada said...

jgn pandang aku, kita pandang zaila... itu pun kalau pandangan berkesan. mak aku x pandai addicted cerita korea. dia suka pertikai tp dia boleh 'klik' dgn cerita indon. padahal basically sama konsep je dua2 ni. aku x suka citer indon sbb buat aku stress..

Prinzcy Syida said...

i don't like it because they make it so long and too dramatic. cerita 20 episod bleh jd 100++ episod.