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Sunday, January 9

Weekend Report : I Was So Busy (One Way Or Another)


Friday is a day to restock. Actually I was planning on visiting Perodua for Kuro's balancing and alignment but I couldn't get a spot. They're fully booked and I didn't think it's a good idea for walk in if you need to get that service. So I made an appointment for the next Saturday. This Friday was just for shopping alone. Mak already insisted that we should stick to the list and shopped for RM200 and below only. Totally failed.

Not the original receipt.

Although we had a list, I couldn't resist a sale right? After all, we did need those stuff. They might be not in the list but they're already on sale. Eventually we still need to purchase them. Why bother waiting? :p -that's why shopping list hardly work-

For lunch...

KFC. I was thinking of Noodle Station but it's probably not a good idea to there with Mak. She might hate it. She already hate Marrybrown.


Usually I don't go anywhere on Saturday. It's my rest day. Totally relaxing and be a couch potato or whatever. But I can't.

We went to Perlis. To be precise, the hospital.

My grandmother was sick and hospitalised. We didn't know where her room was and my phone was dead. So we searched floor by floor. Mind you, it's not a huge a hospital so we could do that and there's a technology called the lift. But we didn't find her. So we went to her house and they said, she's on the ground floor! The only level that we didn't went in, thanks to the sign stated the level only accommodate males :p

Before leaving, Mak asked me to go to any supermarket in Kangar. We're facing cooking oil shortage in Kedah. Actually it wasn't really a problem until the news said Pahang was having shortage on cooking oil. The next thing we knew, they're gone overnight! That was so panic attack~~~

So I went to The Store. Where else anyway?

But we're not lucky enough. I guess panic attack happened there as well.

Then I received a called telling me that my step grandmother was sick and also hospitalised. But she was at Alor Setar. So off we went to Alor Setar.

Her lungs were infected and she was having high fever. But she already woke up when we arrived. Before leaving we decided to visit the cafeteria. Then I managed to get these pictures:

Did I said he loves mirror? He kept smiling at himself in the reflection. And he was wearing the spectacles ever since we left the car, in the lift, in the ward and while eating.

So that concluded my weekend report. Anyone who said I totally sleep on weekend can come forward and make a statement now.


Anonymous said...

why not:)

syuhada said...

that is so the way how Becky Bloomwood thinking hehe ;P

why didnt u try hafifah supermarket while at kangar? that particular supermarket always helpful during time like this. u name it, oil shortage, sugar shortage, they always there.. because they usually dont act like other kedai yg suka sembunyi2. kalau betul2 tak ada, mmg betul2 tak ada..

Prinzcy Syida said...

mr/miss/ anonymous,

yeah, why not :))


i am a shopaholic anyway :p

where is that particular supermarket btw?