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Sunday, January 30

Random...Random 4

Camping in the house

As you can see, we have a tent. Awan's, to be specific. We went shopping that day at Giant. You know how Giant put up a huge tent for display at the camping section. Awan had so much fun that he stubbornly wanted it. Then when we got home, he insisted on setting it, in the house. So right now we have a tent inside the house. Then, last but not least, he wanted to sleep in the camp. You know he didn't sleep alone. So I've been camping inside the house for a couple of days now.

Gift from Darlie

It's free gift that came along with two huge sized of the toothpastes. Actually, the picture imprinted on the cover showed a plate with Snoopy or something. But they gave me this bowl. No picture, only a word 'Unilever' written in front of it. I don't complaint though. I like this bowl better ^.^

KFC 500th Restaurant Celebration's Mug

Just in case you didn't know, KFC is giving this mug for their 500th restaurant celebration. Weird handle but mak totally loved it. So now we are not going to use it as it already settled in her display cabinet. But I already use the mug before she kept it there :p


syuhada said...

so untuk display sahaja la? hehehe...

Prinzcy Syida said...

no way. utk camping dlm rumah skali.

Solihin Zubir said...

kemaruk nak camping..
lam umah pon jadi..

Prinzcy Syida said...

sepanjang 9 tahun dia hidup, tu la baru first time tidoq dlm khemah. biaq la.