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Tuesday, January 4

Awan's 9th Birthday

It's a bit late in posting this but still since I have pictures to share, why not?

It was His Majesty's birthday a couple of days ago. The date was set on the last day of school holiday but Mak insisted to celebrate it on the 1st of January. Well if not who's going to be the hostess as I was back at work on that date. Anyway, since it's a sudden decision, we had to rush to purchase the cake and all.

His Majesty is now 9. And he'll probably start bossing around. Maybe not.

The birthday cake. We want a cake that looked like Ultraman. That's probably too much to ask. So something to do with Ultraman on was nice. But there's none. What should we do anyway? It was last minute. Spongebob was okay too. Not much of a choice. But the taste was so delicious (I did that tasting before purchasing :p)

The menu was simple. A cake, fried bihun and candies. What's with the candles anyway? I thought the big one meant 10 or something. Well whatever.

I asked Awan to cut the cake first but it took him forever to do that. It probably a very hard decision on him. Which part to cut? How to cut? So I took over instead.

The attendees. Mostly kids. Well 99.9% were kids. The candies were a bit hit. They were gone in the jifty. There's one winner though.

She finished her cake and start grabbing the candies. She would have took a plate and fill it up if we didn't noticed. Wow~~~

Anyway, to the prince, Happy Birthday!!! Aw you grow up so fast~~~


syuhada said...

happy birthday!! :)