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Thursday, December 9

Random...Random 3

* I was away (from Internet, not connected, so so away) so I couldn't blog. Hehe, not really. Remember my complaint about writer's block. I was having one and it wasn't really cured.

* Thanks for the birthday gift Syuhada ^.^ The rubic cube still unchanged as I never try to change it. Perhaps it's best to keep that way ^.^''

* WikiLeaks are so in right now. Even though the founder's in jail, the site still being talked about. I never view the site though.

* Ron 97 fuel price already increased to RM2.30 per liter. Hopefully, that's the last, and no increase for Ron 95. But well, I can only wish for that right *sigh* It's like wishing for world peace.

Christmas is around the corner. In other word, now is not the time to purchase any video games, electrical appliances or gift related products. Prices are so high rocket. Even if there are sales, you better make sure that it really are sales, not some stupid gimmick to fool shoppers. I found this on Yahoo!.



syuhada said...

i feel like makin tahun makin merepek birthday gift aku kat ang... plus kad yg tak ditulis apa2, maafkan saya.. huhu

my rubic cube still in unsolved mode. kacau bilau. hahahaha~

ang guna ron97 ke? ron95 pun dah naik 5sen kan...

Prinzcy Syida said...

hadiah aku kt ang pn mcm2. tp okay ja, dpt hadiah tu yg best.

aku rasa rubic cube aku akan kekal suci murni selamanya.

i used to use ron 97 but now so out of budget. terpaksa pakai ron 95.