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Thursday, December 30

Congrats Malaysian Team!!!

Image : Thanks to TheStar

MALAYSIA dished out yet another strong performance and were crowned champions of the Asean Football Federation (AFF) championship at the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta last night.

They were beaten 1-2 by Indonesia in the second-leg final match but a 3-0 victory in the first-leg encounter at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil on Wednesday proved to be enough for them, claiming the Suzuki Cup 4-2 on aggregate.

It was the first time Malaysia won the AFF championship title since the biennial tournament was introduced in 1996.

Malaysia played against a desperate Indonesia last night in front of 95,000 spectators.

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Awesome! Good job! Even though I didn't watch as much, I could hear the others' voice through out the whole game. Wow~~~ We lost (2-1 in this round) but we're happy! Can you believe that???

Also, thanks to winning the cup, it's holiday tomorrow! Yippieee~~~ (but it is a holiday tomorrow for me >.>)


syuhada said...

tak ganti hr ahad ke kalau mcm tu?

Prinzcy Syida said...

no, don't even think so...