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Thursday, November 11

To All This Year Year 6 Students

10% of UPSR candidates score straight As

A total of 48,327 or 10.02% of 482,334 UPSR candidates this year obtained all As.

The percentage is higher than the 9.51% recorded last year.

For the English language subject, he said, there was an increase in the average grade in the national and national-type schools at 2.74% (2.79 last year) and 2.69% (2.80 last year) respectively.

source of TheStar

Hopefully, from the 10%, my students were in it. Amin.

But still, this is only UPSR. You have years ahead and it's not totally the end of the world if you failed to score. So don't be so sad if you don't. There's other plenty of chances to try again in the future.


syuhada said...

ya betul, dunia belum berakhir hanya kerana tak dapat semua A dlm UPSR ;)