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Monday, November 29

Random...Random 2

* I am so not in the mood to blog lately. Don't really know why. Whenever I wanted to type something, I got writer's block. Well, this do happened from time to time. I think it's a natural 'disease' among bloggers.

* Tangled sound like a nice movie. Have anyone watch this? Here's the trailer.

I want to watch this!

* Sales are everywhere lately. So tempting and annoying at the same time. Why sales during the time that I am broke T___________T? (on the other hand, it's good that I am broke or I'll broke after the shopping frenzy)


syuhada said...

yes, i assure u that this movie sangat sangat sangat best, next best after Toy Story 3 (for me la, TS3 still no.1 for year 2010). much better than HP even obviously they are from different league :P
i had watched.
pls do so. or maybe download. i know u expert in this part.. hehe :P

syuhada said...

skrg tengah Year End Sales kan.. huhu aku pon sama mcm ang, tgh broke giler. mari kita sama2 tak gila shopping utk masa sekarang. T__T

Prinzcy Syida said...

i do hv my way to watch, hehehe ):D

mmg sedih x ada duit time skrang, huhu T________T