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Thursday, November 4

My 28th Birthday

* I'm 28th years old today.

* I still hate to celebrate but I love gifts. The more the merrier :p Why not celebrating? Gosh, I so hate sappy moments.

* I just return to work today, after days of flood (will blog on that soon)

* 2 years to reach 30 years old. To be honest, I already feel like I am 30 years old. Probably on my 40th birthday, I would feel like I were 50.

* Still unmarried. People already started asking. Actually they started asking since I was 15 or something. That's one of the reason I am not a total people person.

Rude response : @#! Why would you care???

Polite response : I don't feel like doing so yet.

I usually go for polite response.

* Still asset-less. I better start collecting something so I have something to write in my will (wrong reason?)

* Hopefully this year 'till my next b-day, my life will be blessed and more lucky than the last (greedy me~~~) Amin.