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Sunday, November 14

Mari Menari @Astro

You know I am not really a fan of any reality, dance, whatever related show unless there's something awesome caught my attention.

So last night, mak and Syahira, as fans, watched this show on Astro Ria and I heard this song :

And I saw the dance. Wow~~~

Pretty similar, except for some parts of course. Overall the guy kind of remind me of King Julian. I tried searching the video (too lazy too make one myself =P) but I only found this. You can ignore most of the first part and start at 5:05 XD


syuhada said...

king julian adalah favorite character di ofis kami :D

Prinzcy Syida said...

aku rasa macam ang pernah cerita kt aku psl king julian n penasihat dia tu XD

syuhada said...

yes maurice! hehe