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Tuesday, November 2

Kuro's 50,000 Mileage Service

It's time for Kuro to meet the doctor again. Obviously, I went to Perodua. It's not that I didn't consider an alternative like local workshop but I am paranoid and if I don't have enough trust, then it's a no. End of story.

So I booked and appointment and arrived late at the center -.-!!

Awan reading, or looked at pictures to be more precise.

One thing that I love about servicing at Perodua is, we got free food and be cosy while waiting.

Puffs, lots of them.

Who's car is that? I have no idea either. I was waiting for Kuro to be lifted somewhere so I could take a picture. But it took too long for that and I got bored. So...

Before the service, I already made a complaint about my radio problem. Apparently it started to become weird like, I pushed the volume button and it changed channel. And that one time when I tried to change to channel 1, it changed to channel 3. Or when that time when I pushed the mute button, it slow down the volume. So the advisor advised me to change the radio F.O.C. Obviously, I agreed.

So this happened afterward.

The replacement would arrived in two weeks. Until then I would survived with mute Kuro T_________T

But as the cost exceed RM100 (RM192 to be exact) this was given as a gift for free.

The scent was Vanilla something-something (whatever that was, I couldn't remember) It smell nice and didn't make Awan nausea, which was important. He would throw up if I used a wrong scent. But every time I drove, I felt hungry, thanks to the smell.


syuhada said...

dear, radio aku dah suffer such case dah lama giler, exactly the same as yours. boleh tukar FOC ke? some more free gift pewangi kereta? niceeee.....

yes, agreed. some pewangi selalu buat aku lapar tanpa sebab.. huhu

Kancilbiru said...

aku pun baru tukar radio tapi kena bayaq la...hehe...sbb tukaq kat kedai ahseng...tpi serius aku nk p beli gak la ambi pur tu...huhuhu

Prinzcy Syida said...


bleh kut. it is DOC since kuro was only two years old. cherry lg baru kan?


apsal ahseng??? kalau keta baru bleh ja FOC.

syuhada said...

aku rasa cherry older than kuro. warranty keta dah abis. tp tak sure warranty radio asing2 ke sekali dgn warranty keta.. :P