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Monday, November 1

Disaster O.o

These was taken from the back of my house.

What happen?

Well, a huge branch felt and hit a roof. The roof didn't completely collapsed but it made mak thought of something. So mak decided, "let's cut them all!"

I left the house to work the next day and returned home to see the backyard was filled with branches, leaves, a roof the completely felt down and three jolly guys were enjoying themselves too much with chainsaws.

Since it's raining these days, it would take time before the leaves and branches completely dry. I just hope nothing would consider to make that their lair.


syuhada said...

hujan2 ni kayu dan daun basah susah nk bakar kan.. mak aku kalau benda2 mcm ni dia suka sbb boleh main cucuh2 api.. huhu

syuhada said...

alamak keluar 2 la pulak. :P

Prinzcy Syida said...

nnt aku delete satu.

ujan dh berenti dh. so nnt bleh la mak aku main unggun api.