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Saturday, October 2

Shauqi's First Birthday

29 September 2010 was the first birthday of this baby boy...

I bought a plastic hammer for him. Too bad there's no picture of it. I just found out it's hard to shop for a baby boy's gift. Shirt? He grow up so quickly :') *touching moment for a while* I want something that could last longer. Shoes? Same as shirt. No. Hat? Didn't found one that's cute enough. Ball? Too many of that already. At least with the hammer, he could start pounding on anything he wanted, which he did try today.

Mak was totally excited (notice the bold words??? :p) to make a small feast to celebrate. Cucu first. Since we couldn't do it on the same day, mak postponed it to today. So she prepared a few dish specially for the celebration.

Pz also brought back some cakes for the feast.

The birthday cupcakes. Same taste, different design. Ah well~~~

The real birthday cake. Totally delicious but it's a bit hard to cut. Apparently there's a layer of blueberry jelly between the layers. But it really worth it.

Cut the cake. Luv this picture ^.^

The birthday boy who could care less about others. He did whatever he wanted regardless of what. I also found out that he's really generous. Whatever items in his hand (usually not his like the cellphone), he usually gladly give them to others.

The birthday boy and me. The thing that he kept chewing even when this picture was taken was the jelly. He chewed the plastic container. There's lots of jelly today and it's a total bliss for him.

Anyway to my dear nephew, Happy First Birthday! May you been blessed and grow up healthily.


Solihin Zubir said...

effy vesday shauqi.. :D
oerghh.. ramainya kek.. kelihatan sgt sedap.. nk jugak!

syuhada said...

happy birtday syauqi !!!


Kancilbiru said...

comelnya syauqiiiiiiiiii....