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Wednesday, October 27

Random Thoughts

* Paul is dead. You remember that famous octopus that predicted the World Cup 2010 matches? It's been reported that Paul had passed away due to old age of an octopus. It's 2 1/2 years old.

Despite rumours that he may well have predicted his own death – “If he did, he kept it to himself,” an aquarium spokesperson said

Well, no more oracle involving Paul after this.

pic from DailyChilli

R.I.P. Paul.

* I've heard about PTPTN Ujrah. Tried to research but really didn't understand what it's for. Care to explain?

* Lately I've been remembering this

Those who buy pirated CDs and DVDs are equally guilty of breaking the law as those who sell them.

...source from TheStar

I can't remember the last time I bought a DVD. There are Astro and Internet these days.

A powerful earthquake triggered a 10-foot (three-meter) tsunami that pounded remote island villages in western Indonesia, killing at least 113 people and leaving scores more missing, an official said Tuesday.

...source from DailyChilli


syuhada said...

agak2 depa masak tak dia lepas tu? huhu

apa tu ptptn ujrah? need to search as well..

cannot watch the vc. berkenaan apa tu?

now also we got cd/dvd shop where we can rent for low price :P

tsunami? seriously i need to open online paper now. huhu

Prinzcy Syida said...

maybe tanam kut. x kan nk makan plak. walaupun ia seekor sotong tp mmg pelik kalau dimakan lps tu...

dh lama dh dengar psl ujrah tu. tp x phm pn.

vc mantan pm, dr m baca sajak 'melayu mudah lupa'

so true about that.

aku pn baru tau lps baca status update yg member kt indonesia.