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Wednesday, October 6

Prinzcy's Today Activity

Dear diary,

To work

Roller coaster ride to work, thanks to the upgrading project on the road. How much longer will they take to work on that road? It's annoying to drive through that. On the note, it's me who take the picture, while driving. How was that possible? Well, you could to if you're driving less than 20 km per hour. There's a beeline following a huge lorry. When we had a chance to over took it, we met this road.

At Work nothing to say about this. All of that are brochures.

Still At Work, Before The Day End

Heavy rain! Nice~~~ It's been raining a lot lately. Today was no exception. I hope it won't resort to flood anytime soon.

Still At Work, Waiting To Leave

Black out. No comment.

- The End -


syuhada said...

that's dangerous thing to do... huhu

Prinzcy Syida said...

perhaps. i am bouncing when i took that pic.