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Wednesday, October 20

An iPhone app that measures 'ugliness'

A company in Arizona, US, has announced the creation of an iPhone app aimed at telling users the truth about their own ugliness.

The 'Ugly Meter', created by programming company Dapper Gentlemen of Gilbert, Arizona, scans photos users take of their faces and then rates their ugliness on a scale of 1 to 10.

The programme also adds a comment on the rating, including a statement for a 10 score reading: "You're so ugly, when you walk by the bathroom, the toilet flushes."

Bloggers who tested the application with photos of celebrities deemed to be among the world’s most attractive people got varied results.

Angelina Jolie scored a nearly perfect 2.

source DailyChilli

Invention get weird and weirder these days. I guess people are just being more creative. I meant, there's already application measuring beauty, brain and more, but it's hard to find the one that show the 'bad' side. I want to know my result as well :p

Ah, don't even have an iPhone....