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Monday, October 11

Back From The Cave

I was out of connection again. It has something to do with technical error. Whatever that was, no one explaining. Even though I am connected now, the connection was not totally okay. Whatever, I had logged a report and will file a claim soon.

BTW, totally unrelated to the title, after some chat with Green Syndicate regarding this, I did some snooping around about 'Facebook in real life' videos and I found these :

Uh, I really don't want someone to write on my wall, poke me or bugging me with tag, friends notification and such. Okay, I will try to be less of Facebook from now on :p


syuhada said...

if that so, from now on i'll stop writing something on your wall or tag u (i never poke people..).. oK!

hehe :D

pst~ miss u la... hilang lesap!

Prinzcy Syida said...

u never write on my wall, let alone poke me...

lesap kah? i thought i still comment on your blog.