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Friday, September 10 A Virus?

I'm sure you've received one of this kind of email:

It was given by one of your contact and there's no subject title. The only content was the link.

I received a couple of this so far but I didn't dare try to click the link. Seriously. But I was still curious whether it's true or not. It probably a new blog platform or some sort of new website. So I've made some research. There's not much information anywhere except for this one here:

It will show as an email from one of your contacts without an email subject. Then after opening you'll see a link like this - the xxxxxxxxx will be the name of your friend or one of your email contacts, so don't click on it, bec. if you do it might send a trojan or a tracking cookie in your email or PC.

I also noticed that in WOT (Web of Trust) it was marked as a site with poor reputation, so just delete that email from your inbox.

source from Norton Safe Web.

It was posted recently and there's not much related information elsewhere. So I guess it's best to be safe and avoid clicking the url and it's proven that the site is safe.


syuhada said...

kes kecik hanya link ke website viagra.. kes besar, virus??? NO!!

Prinzcy Syida said...

byk gila email ni la ni. dh la member yg hantar tu aku x rasa dia ada blog pn.