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Tuesday, September 28

A Visit To Dr Cermin

To fix the crack on Kuro's windscreen, I made an appointment with Dr. Cermin.

So leaving early in the morning, I managed to find his shop (after getting lost from the first turn -_-!!)

Good news : Sure, it could be fixed.
Bad news : It would continue to crack as the crack was too long it won't attached properly. It will cost RM250 to fix it. Since it won't last long (estimated a couple of days) I would need to change for a new windscreen (@Perodua = RM680, @The Dr. = RM500) I even overhead the Dr. told another customer, he's going to charge RM100 per holes for that guy's Land Rover. Wow~~~ And he got three holes on the windscreen.

Bad news outweighed good news (totally...)

So I reluctantly agreed to change the windscreen.

Bye bye old windscreen, you'll be sadly missed (with the remembrance of RM500 of the cost for new windscreen) T________________T

The new windscreen. I am so going to insure, tinted and do whatever with this one. Mark my words!

New windscreen finally attached. Notice the tapes? They were put on the both sides. It actually meant to ensure the windscreen properly attached after the gluing process. Believe me, I drove around with these two on. I even went back and forth from Alor Star to Kuala Nerang and back again. And when the Maybank reps came to take pictures for the insurance, they removed the tapes and put them back after that.

Moral learnt

1 - Insurance. Nuff said.
2 - If you have one, don't bother to fix as the cost already reach for a new windscreen and you still couldn't properly fix it as it won't last long. Just change it!

After all the events, I forgot to ask the Maybank reps where I could change the windscreen if a chip hit it and will they cover for it if I want to.


syuhada said...

tinted tak yg baru ni? at least susah sikit nak crack..

Prinzcy Syida said...

in process. x tau nk p kedai mana. at least dh insured.