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Monday, September 20

Update of Ditzy Days

1 - Tomorrow is the beginning of UPSR 2010. So my dear students, may you get A's in all subjects, especially English and Science. I will pray for your success. If you do receive A's in both subject, do give me a treat. A KFC or chicken chop will do :p

2 - I am addicted to tweeting lately. You can visit my Twitter page and follow me.

click Here ---> prinzcy at Twitter

However, need to remind you here, 98% of my Tweets are not about me. So if you're my stalker, you won't found out much (is there really my stalker? :p)

3 - My post about has become a hit. So I wonder whether I could get more info about that site. Still, there's none. I still didn't dare to click the link. Syuhada, said it will only bring me to a viagra site. Still didn't dare anyway. Better to leave it alone. BTW, got this video to share about PC virus attack.

Note : If you got that 'type any text' on the vid, just click on it.


syuhada said...

previous one was only brought me to viagra site. but moving forward i also don't dare to click any links anymore. some more what with the more and more blogs got malware warning these 2,3 days.. lagi lah not dare to click.

Prinzcy Syida said...

i still receive those emails. they only change the page name but still under

Solihin Zubir said...

kita lawan, student sapa plg ramai skor A ok.. ;-p

Prinzcy Syida said...

bkn students kita sama ja ka? suma ambik pakej.