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Monday, September 27

Seminar at UiTM Kedah

Last Sunday, Green Syndicate and I were send to attend a seminar on product and entrepreneur at UiTM Kedah. We're more like a guest than participant. It was a half day event and most attendees were students from the university.

It was a half day event, 4 speeches complete with meal twice for the day. Review on food : I eat for work :p (Go figure~~~)

This is from the first event, the opening ceremony. The organizer wanted to give the director a basket of fruit as a gift. The point of the arrow showed was where an apple suddenly rolled on the stage, felt from the basket. Of course you couldn't see it as the apple cleverly rolled itself and hidden before the plant.

The sleepy attentively listened to the speeches, Mr. Green Syndicate. Actually this was the second picture taken. The first one showed he was making a face and suddenly turned to the camera :p

One of the young entrepreneur that gave speech near the end. What impressed me that he was only 25 years old but already own a cow business, selling ducks and have some sort of electrical service business *clap clap*

For all the good, there's always something bad. The worst part of the day was this....

A crack on Kuro's windshield T__________T I had to drive 80/ ++-- km/h to return home after that (while sadly wave goodbye to all the cars, buses and even lorries that took over me) I thought I never reach home. Thankfully I did. I already contacted the Dr. Cermin and make an appointment tomorrow. Hopefully it can be fix.

Anyway, back to the seminar. It was a very good event. I also managed to distribute a few cards and gained a few (whether they remember me or not, that is the second issue) Nice networking plan! Hopefully we'll be invited to another like this again.


Solihin Zubir said...

wahh.. sapa mr green syndicate tu? tekun btoi beliau dgaq ceramah.. haha..
oit! suka suki ja boh gambaq.. nk kena saman nieh.. hehe..

Prinzcy Syida said...

ntah, mr green syndicate mn ntah...terjumpa tgh jln... :p

syuhada said...

crack tu kenapa? apa penyebabnya?

Prinzcy Syida said...

chip. start with that.