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Friday, September 24

Out, Out and Away (To Tesco)

Since Friday was one of my day off, I decided to take Mak to shop for grocery and stuff. She had been sarcastically throwing off remarks like, "There's no more chicken in the fridge" and such (ironically, we don't buy meat from Tesco, Mak hate the meat there, don't ask why) I also need to buy the cat food. We deflated the stock and the cats had been attacking me for food. Hungry cats are scary~~~

So I chose today instead of tomorrow to shop (I could rest tomorrow). Since we left before lunch, we had to eat upon arrival (Mak insisted to watch that drama on TV3 'till the end)

Destination for lunch : KFC.

It was Awan's choice. He stubbornly insisted to eat there, even pulled our hands. But it's Friday today and some male workers left to pray. So the place was crowded and dirty!

Not enough workers? Not so sure about that. There's a female worker chatting with another at the table and they could care less. Probably it's not part of their job to clean the table. Still~~~

We chose our food and proceed to eat.

I was expecting to eat Garden Salad today but they (KFC) run out of it. Geh~~~

Then off to shop.

The result :

When we left, I said I only want to buy some cat food and Mak some flour and sugar. This was what happened when two shopaholics went shopping :p We still fill the trolley after that. Can't help it. Words like promotion, 2 for 1 or such are contagious.

The happy Awan in trolley, lalala~~~~

Satisfied by today's hunting, we returned. Then Mak told me, she also wanted to go out tomorrow. Looks like I won't be resting tomorrow as well.


Solihin Zubir said...

syoknya awan..
xyah jalan.. ada org tlong tolak.. haha..

Prinzcy Syida said...

x pernahnya dia jalan. lgpun kalau bg jln, nnt dia lari merata. sgt bahaya! baik letak dlm troli, senang nk control.

syuhada said...

dah agak dah... cat food saja konon.. ahahaha~

Prinzcy Syida said...

haha mcm x tau~~~