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Thursday, September 16

Don't Use Weird Picture As Avatar

Okay this is a message targeting no one in particular but you know if you do and probably know a few person who do this.

When it come to choosing an avatar for Facebook, Twitter or even Blogger account, some tend to go nut, being funny or whatever by choosing out of ordinary picture. The same goes when you upload pictures to share with friends. You know, sometimes you dress up as a vampire or such and so eager to share with people by using it as avatar or profile picture. I had an acquaintance who did this a lot. She upload pictures of her dressing up as vampire, alien and more.

The thing is, she already passed away almost a year ago. But her Facebook and Friendster page still active. These social sites can keep your account like forever unless you delete it. I sometimes received alert about her birthday and such. There it was, her avatar of her being a ghost!

There's no way her Facebook or Friendster can be edited unless her family know her password, which is kind of impossible considering we're not supposed to share password. Plus I don't think they know about this issue.

So my dear readers, do think twice (or probably more) before selecting or uploading any images.