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Thursday, September 30

Cute Gifts From

Just as I was trying to figure out which document went to which journal today, Skynet suddenly appeared in front of the shop. I was totally surprised. I knew I should expected them to arrive but they probably would call first considering I live in a very rural area where they don't deliver the package. They said they remembered the last item send and came straight to the shop. Oh how nice~~~ Talk about customer service.

So about the package. A few days ago I made an order for the following images from Heartbeat:

to be turned into something like this:

source : Heartbeat

And the result....

Cute~~~ I purposely picked this images due to both of them wearing the same t-shirts that I bought from Sarawak. Wish I have more photos to choose from though. Okay, new resolution! Take more picture of both of them together.

With mirror at the back. I wonder whether she would bring this to school? She did complained though *typical* She said I used her old picture. How old is a few months before???

Anyway, thank you Heartbeat for the cute gifts! All for RM19!


syuhada said...

mungkin akan datang, ang tanya je mana 1 gambar yg dia paling suka dan guna yg tu...

Prinzcy Syida said...

x mgkn akan dpt jawapan. mcm p kedai kasut, akhirnya x beli sbb suma dia x berkenan. kena kita pilih n paksa dia, berkenan ja lps tu. keychain tu pn mula ingat dia x mau, tp bila mak aku nk ambik marah la plak.