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Tuesday, September 14

Buffered and Metered Earnings From Nuffnang

I hardly check Earnings page in Nuffnang site. I meant, what I saw was definitely what I would get. If they display RM9, then it's RM9. Why think more? *simple minded*

Then today, I just clicked for no reason and discovered this :

Yippie~~~ Finally I got Buffered and Metered Earnings. Yippiee~~~ *stop being annoying! SLAP!~~~*

Then I realized, what should I do with this?

For MCPM (Metered CPM) campaigns

  • Advertisers buy a set of unique visitors from your blog that will be able to see their ads on your blog for a certain number of weeks.
  • The earnings for your mCPM campaign will be held in Buffered Earnings while the campaign is running till your blog finish serving the number of uniques the advertisers bought from your blog. Once your blog finish serving the number of uniques, the earnings will be credited to your Current Earnings.

Source, Nuffnang.

Ah, I still don't get it...

My assumption, I will received the money when my blog finish serving number of unique ip(s), right? The thing is, my blog also receives visit from nearly all over the world. Does that count?


syuhada said...

cuba tanya jurucakap nuffnang niza sp .. dia pakar bab2 ni... kan?

Prinzcy Syida said...

dh tny piza.