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Monday, September 13

3rd of Syawal and Back To Work

It only the third day of Syawal but I'm back to work. Feeling envious of those who still soundly sleeping while I was preparing to leave >.>

Well, at work, the usual awaited.

Talk about overload!!! (it may not seems like it but truly it's overload)

I was kind of sleepy today, luckily I brought along one of the cookies for snack.

It was full before and empty hours before I left the office :p

While I was doing my work, I noticed the traffic jam outside. But I totally forgot about it when I went to visit my grandma later on.

The one with the arrow was not the beginning of the jam but probably the middle, second middle, I dunno. One thing for sure, I wasn't the last either. The reason I could take this picture was that the traffic stop moving at all and we had to wait for quite a while. There's no accident whatsoever at the front. Noticed the empty lane on the other side? >.> I had to rush after that to make sure I could visit my grandma on time.

I think this kind of situation will last for a couple of days more, at least until some people return to town to work.


syuhada said...

org2 mcm aku la yg penyebab jem tu.. haha

Prinzcy Syida said...

ang bkn x blk lg?

syuhada said...

yes... that's y jem kekekeke~~