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Friday, September 10

1 Syawal Open House Celebration

Light. Ketupat. Light. Ketupat. I did't make those ketupats, Chikin did. If I could make one of those, I probably start selling some on eBay. Of course I didn't make those lights either.

The most essential items for kids during this festive celebration is this : the angpau. I still remember those days when I walked around for my share of angpau, I usually received from 10 cent to RM1. If we received RM1, that house will be swarmed by other kids in no time. Children's money collecting network was pretty efficient, even for kids these days. But since angpau money has increased a lot, receiving RM1 is no longer a big deal.

Cookies. This year, Syahira and mak insisted to make some. Well, whatever.

Mak always make one like this. She used to make tapai. But this recent years, she switched to pudding or jelly.

The main dish of the day : tomyam kuehteow. All out by evening. It wasn't a hit for the kids.

1 - They hate vegetables.
2 - Eating will slow them down.
3 - They said it was too spicy.

I dunno. The less they eat, the less I have to deal with washing the dishes.


Solihin Zubir said...

lawa ketupat.. :D

Prinzcy Syida said...

hehe, kak ipar yg buat.

syuhada said...

sedapnya tomyam... bebudak tu alasan je padahal nak cepat kumpul duit.. haha

Prinzcy Syida said...

biar ja, aku x payah basuh pinggan.