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Sunday, August 15

To UiTM Arau

Weeks ago I went to UiTM Arau for a non-formal visit (who I am for formal visit anyway? P.M.?)

Anyway, it's been years since I last step my foot inside the area after graduated years ago. So I guess lots of changes have been made to that campus (honestly, we were like gawking tourists, taking pictures and all that)

The main gate. The guards were a bit suspicious when we stop the car right in front of the gate just to take this pic.

The faculty building. Not sure which one anyway since more buildings being built around the campus. But this use to be the one and only faculty building.

BK(s) (wooden classes), with air conditioner. Apparently, new courses offer in the campus that require more labs build.

The most famous hang out in UiTM Arau, Mushroom!!! (that's not the real name, it was Anjung Siswa actually)

Photocopy shop: It still survive to this day. What can the students do anyway? Students need to copy lots of thing and there's only one shop for that. I wonder whether there's more now days?

Pauh Di Layang : The ol' favourite mart. I used to shop a lot in here :p

Cybercafe : Back in those days, the connection sux~~~ But not like we had any choice (except the labs which I rarely visit) If I wasn't in a rush, I would have booked a pc and try :p

Baka Book Rite : My supplier for Kreko. And more other comics.

Ilmu Pandu : Yup, students these days need one of this. This shop took over the shop that used to rent vehicle for students. I used to rent a bicycle to go to a night market near the palace.

May Snack Corner : Still around and still selling foodies via the same method.

Caka Team Ent. : This was where Makcik Balang used to be. It was said that she failed to get a new tender for the shop. So here's a new shop. No balangs btw.

Dobi : Also still survive.

Ilmu Jaya Book Store : A new addition to my memory. I don't know how long it 'existed' there anyway. They sell textbooks and all.

Fuji : No need to go to Kangar anymore.

Bank Islam : ATMs only. But better than we had those days. It used to be only one ATM in Mushrooom and we had to make a very very very long queue when we finally received the PTPTN loan. Apart from Bank Islam, there's a few more ATMs.

Dining Hall : Whether the food was good or not, this place was definitely super famous! Especially when we're out of pocket money.

Dewan Kayu (Wooden Hall) : Gosh, really, this one still survives to this day! Exams and more activities were conducted in this hall (apart from the main hall), even my MUET exam.

Perpustakaan Dato' Jaafar Hassan @ Library : My 'supplier' for First Love Novels and more. I would've gone in to visit if I got an i.d.

Lecturer Cafe : Also not a real name. It changed owner/tender again. The new one used to open a stall in Orange (apparently Orange was the name for the stalls, not something that I know of as they were called Orange after I graduated) Also, they would opened 'till 11 p.m. instead of in my time where the cafe would be closed at 5 p.m. or something.

*The used to be* Bus Stop : So empty. Where the cabs? What happened to this place anyway?

The Lake : I still remember the murky/green/full of germs water. We, Cadet Bomba, did our tests here. Yup, with that water.

Stadium : New sports complex was build. The stadium still look the same.

As I said, we were in a rush so there's more places that I couldn't go. I wanted to visit the hostels, Orange :p (the stalls) and the surrounding shops and more. Pretty nostalgic to see same, familiar places and surprise for the changes. Maybe if I went next time, they probably build a shopping complex or so. Or maybe not.


Kancilbiru said...

wahhhh syioknyaaa.....rindunya arau..tah bila la aku dapat project kena buat kat sana...asyik2 kelantan, johor, kelantan johor...huhuhu

Prinzcy Syida said...

aku pn ada peluang ari tu ja. bila nk pergi lagi x tau.

pizet said...

p la melawat yah...

syuhada said...

Wah, nostalgianya..

BK dah tak kayu dah.. kedai fotostat, cc, pauh dilayang dan baka yang memang survivor. kesian makcik balang, lagenda tu.. huhu aku dengar dia bukak kedai kat area pintu belakang. eh, kedai yg kita beli sim kad tu ada lagi?
and, last time was not atm bank islam rite... last time was perwira affin bank atm.. that damn atm which telan my card.

btw, ang pi sana buat apa?

Prinzcy Syida said...


x rapat sgt dgn beras...


bk still ada but some have been modified as labs. that sim shop also no longer exist. if i'm not mistaken, dh ada pos office near co-op. masa kita mmg affin, but now it's bank islam. ada maybank and satu lg atm apa ntah kt mushroom.

aku saja p jln2. masa tu plak chikin blk. jd kami dua org nk tgk blk uitm arau. rasa nk p lg la. ang nk p x?

syuhada said...

'beras' ke 'biras' ejaan dia? :P

boleh gak.. ajak la kami sama kalau time kami balik nanti :)

Prinzcy Syida said...

beras :p (bak kata p.ramlee)

nnt blk janji lain.

Anonymous said...

dah lain sangat Uitm arau, sejak graduate x pernah pun jejak kat ke sana lagi...rindu sangat.

Katekyo Syuk said...

waa... dh bnyk berubah... lama... anyway sy ni graduate civil eng kt sana taun 2006... minta copy pin ye prinzxy nk letak kt fb wat kenangan zaman blajar... hehehe

Prinzcy Syida said...

sila la sila.

Prinzcy Syida said...

sila la sila

[n a j e e b] said...

dapat lepas rindu sekejap... [tears]

Millions of memories there 2003-2006.

Makcik Balang dah berniaga situ??? :'( supplier utama choki2...dan megi tom yam.. huhuhu!

Arghhh....rindu gilaaaa!!!