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Wednesday, August 4

Start of fasting to be decided on Aug 10

The start of the fasting month for Muslims nationwide will be determined on Aug 10 by both sighting of the moon and astronomy.

...resources from TheStar

To those who still haven't 'payback' yet, you certainly need to rush. Fasting month is just around the corner.

When it come to fasting month, one food always pop into my mind.

source : borrowed image from saltnturmeric

The murtabak!!!

It's not like it's not available in any other months (in fact we can get it all year) but it's special in Ramadhan (for me)

Also, bubur lambuk will be like hot cake in Ramadhan. I don't really get why (I also love the food but I love it all the time, not just in Ramadhan) but it seems like lots of people will be looking for it. Not to mention, lots of places like mosques or even gas stations will give the bubur for free.

Okay, enough chit chat. Back to work.


Kancilbiru said...

wahh yummy...tak yah tggu bulan posa...lani pun aku lapaq dah...hehehe

syuhada said...

i still have 2 more days to payback.. ayo~~~~~ have to rush. going to start tomorrow... tak boleh tangguh-tangguh dah.

Prinzcy Syida said...

PN Kancilbiru,

mmg x dan tunggu posa tp makan dlm bln posa rasa special. kenapa ya... (maybe sbb satu hr dh thn mkn :p)

Cik Syuhada,

cpt2. nnt x sempat. hr ni dh 5 hr bulan.