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Sunday, August 8

Paul The Octopus The Movie Star

The world *probably* most famous octopus to date, Paul that retired recently after famously predicted Germany's result matches in World Cup 2010 will be a movie star. According to the source, the movie will be about the death threat that he received during the World Cup 2010 matches, amazing winning streak and how it got its' ability (from mussels???)

The movie was film in South Africa and reported to have been completed. It expected to hit the screen this August 2010. Paul, the now retired octopus will be played by another octopus.


syuhada said...

i thought he will his own role.. hehe retired of doing prediction je kan, berlakon not even started yet. :P

Prinzcy Syida said...

he should predict whether that movie will be a hit or not :p