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Tuesday, August 10

Drabble Posts

1 - Congrats on expecting another baby. For your information, I'm not one of the ones who have negative reaction. How come you gave a price for a winner when you call to tell me the news? I couldn't even try to guess.

2 - It's raining a lot lately. I am not complaining, seriously. I just hope it won't resort to flood.

3 - Numbers. Numbers. And lots of more numbers. I think I have a headache.

4 - I think fasting month will begin tomorrow. Lots of Raya promotion sales lately. Actually they began even way before fasting month. Even Tesco already sells kuih raya. Seriously, can we keep that for more than a month?

5 -
According to Regulation 15, National Registration Regulations 1990 (Amendment 2001), every person is required to apply for a replacement Identity Card if he/she changes residence where he/she will reside for 90 days or more.

source : jpn

I heard from the news this morning. Since I was late and start overtaking slow cars, I couldn't really concentrate on the news. So I did some Googling. So we need to change address when residing more than 90 days? I think most people don't do that. We tend to keep our kampung address, didn't we? If it's true, lots of people need to do that.


pizet said...

oo nak hadiah gak ka? heheh

syuhada said...

aku pun tak tukar alamat... time ic hilang hari tu pun bila tukar baru still alamat kampung jugak. orang jpn tak komplen pon.... huhu

Prinzcy Syida said...




aku pn baru tau, tp x pa la aku mmg x payah tukar. tp ang ok kut, bkn rumah ang pn. mcm mana kalau nk pindah? x kan nk tukar lg kut.